Fund Drive Update
September 6, 2017

Our annual fund drive is underway. This is the main source of income for our volunteer fire department. Currently, 20% of our residents have donated to the fire department. Reminder letters were sent out in the last few weeks to all residents who did not donate. Some of the letters may have crossed in the mail with your donation.

In addition, we have been made aware a company is soliciting donations for the volunteer fire companies over the phone in our area. The Manheim Fire Department does not solicit donations over the phone. This company has no affiliation with Manheim Fire Department. If you receive a phone call asking for donations for the fire company that seems not up to par, we suggest you contact local law enforcement to report it.

The only way Manheim Fire Department solicits donations is via our annual Fund Drive mailings. All correspondences from the Manheim Fire Department will be under the name Hope Fire Engine and Hose Company #1 or Manheim Fire Department.