Busy New Year's Eve
December 31, 2017

Station 26 was dispatched this afternoon to a vehicle accident standby on S. Erisman Rd in Rapho Township. A tractor Trailer attempted to cross Shenk's Mill covered bridge. The truck became wedged and took out numerous roof support beams. Engine 69-1 was dispatched to assist from the East Hempfield side of the bridge as the stability of the bridge was in question.

While crews were on location, a Chimney fire was dispatched in Manheim Boro. The rescue and squad cleared the accident and responded along with Truck 26 and Engine 26-1. Crews found a small fire contained to the chimney.

After returning to quarters, LCWC contacted Chief 26 advising him of a vehicle accident with entrapment. Rescue 26 was on the street immediately. Crews arrived to find a vehicle to the rear of a house on Lebanon Road that had traveled through a garage. Crews worked with EMS to remove multiple patients and securing the building utilities. Unfortunately, one of the victims passed away. Fire Police from station 28, 27, and 26 remained on scene for 3 hours providing traffic control.