Building Renovation
July 22, 2022

In 1969 the Manheim Fire company saw a need for a larger building, moving from our previous location on E High St to Ralph Snavelys garage at Main and Ferdinand. This was a joint venture with Manheim Borough. Since then, the Manheim Fire Company has taken over all building functions and expenses related to the building. Fast forward to July 2021, a steering committee was formed composed of various members in the company to explore options regarding several upgrades that need done to the building including replacing HVAC and utilizing space that isn't being used. The committee members were tasked with exploring what the future of the current building is and what the future looks like for the All-Volunteer fire company. Surveys and several lengthy meetings all indicated that a larger project was needed to upgrade and utilize the space more appropriately for the future. During the July Business meeting the company approved the building Renovation project, contracting with Speedwell Construction. This project will include installing a sprinkler system, shower, gear room, heated floors, updated electrical, updated kitchen, raising the garage doors, along with many other items to allow the building to adequately serve the members that are volunteering to serve the community. This project wouldn't have been possible without the continued support from our community and the municipality's - Manheim Borough - Rapho Township - Penn Township.

The project is slated to Begin in August with a January Completion date.

(Pictures below show our progression from out E. High St. Location to our current location at Main and Ferdinand)