Busy Week
July 10, 2023

Crews last week remained busy. Responding to 14 incidents. Those incidents including two building fires that each went 2 alarms, Several accidents and medical related calls.

On July 5th the Engine/Rescue/Tanker, Chief and Deputy responded to assist Mastersonville Fire Co with a building fire. Deputy 26 was assigned the Bravo side of the building while Chief 26 assisted the incident commander. Engine and Rescue personnel handled various extinguishment operations while the Tanker supplied several loads of water from a nearby pond. Crews operated for nearly 5 hours before being released.

On July 9th the Rescue company was dispatched as part of the Working Fire dispatch to Manheim Township Fire Rescue the Rescue responded with 6 personnel. At the same time the Rescue was dispatched the Engine was dispatched for an automatic alarm within the same development. The Engine responded with 6 personnel and it was determined that the alarm was false and the Engine added to the building fire. The Truck company was part of the 2nd alarm assignment and fielded with 4 additional personnel. The rescue crew was quickly put to work on the 2nd floor gaining access to the attic to extinguish hot spots and later transitioned to overhaul. The Engine crew was tasked with salvage and tarped items on the 1st floor and basement. The Truck crew arrived and relieved crews that were putting hot spots out in the attic and 2nd floor. Crews operated for nearly 2 hours before being released.

In both the above incidents there were no reported injuries, and for that we are grateful!