June 13
June 13, 2021

Update regarding the Kreider fire.

Crews returned today at 2PM to begin the process of tearing apart the smoldering pile of hay. Crews worked for roughly 6 hours and flowed over 80,000 gallons of water and made significant progress but a few hot spots remain. While most people will notice a significant decrease in smoke in the area, the fire remains in several areas. Command staff will assess the situation and work with Kreider's Management to come up with the next steps.

This has been a difficult fire for not only us but for Kreider Farms as well. Many factors play into the decision making process. Over 500 ton of tightly baled hay was stored in this facility and the facility was nearly 50% full at the time of the fire. The facility also had various other equipment including tractors and trucks.

While crews began setting up for this operation they were alerted to a motor vehicle accident involving a motorcycle. Chief 26 responded immediately after dispatch along with the Rescue. Chief 26 arrived with PD and followed closely by Medic 86-5 and began administering medical attention to the motorcycle rider. Unfortunately the motorcyclist succumbed to his injuries on scene. NLCRPD is investigating.