Busy Few Days
July 5, 2021

Manheim Fire has remained busy these last few weeks, responding to 39 calls in June and now 6 thus far in July.

July 3 Rescue 26 was alerted to assist Station 27 with a reported MVA - Entrapment. Chief 27-2 arrived and found a two vehicle crash with one on its side and one trapped. Squad 27 arrived and began stabilizing and cutting while Rescue 26 arrived and assisted. Crews were able to cut and flap the roof and extricate the patient.

Today members have responded to 4 calls so far. Starting just before lunch with an auto alarm on Penn street. The Rescue and Tanker were back on the street just before 4PM to assist FDMJ with a reported tractor trailer fire on 283 West. Deputy 75 arrived and found a trailer fire that was spreading into the cargo area and woods. Tanker and Rescue arrived and supplied Engine 75 with water and additional manpower. Crews operated for a short time and helped with clean up. Tanker 26 and Engine 75 cleared the tractor trailer fire and responded to a reported brush fire at route 283 and 772. Crews found a small fire and extinguished the same.

When crews backed into the station a alarm was sounding to the rear at Jubilee. Crews searched the property and found nothing. And cleared a short time later.