September 2, 2021

Crews have remained busy the last 24 hours. Responding to 9 calls for assistance. Of those calls, 4 were water rescues, 2 cardiac arrest/AED, 2 flooded basements, 1 outside investigation of smoke in the area.

Crews rescued 9 individuals from vehicles that became disabled by water. 5 of those individuals were rescued by boat.

Special thanks to Maytown-East Donegal Township Fire Department, Pioneer Fire Company No. 1 Marietta, PA. For suppling top notch water rescue personnel and boats.

And the many other departments that were dispatched to assist Penryn Fire Company No. 1, Northwest EMS, Manheim Borough Police Department.

Several roads still remain closed. Those roads continue to have road closure signs and will remain closed till water is no longer covering the road. Penn, Rapho, and Manheim Borough road crews have continuously monitored road conditions and remove barriers when the road becomes passable. So please do not go around those road closure signs, they didn't forget!